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The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative.Before you can design a good trading strategy, you must first know what one is.

Our trade signals have outperformed the market time and time again.Breakthrough Trading Systems help you profit in up, down, and sideways markets.The trading systems are optimized to the market data over a period of three years.The MT4 platform supports automated trading, or system trading.

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Nothing is unclear or fudged (to save face when reality differs from prediction).

Puget Custom Computer specializes in custom built high performance trading computer systems for the serious day-trader.

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The table below summarizes the performance of our trading systems during 2002 and 2003.Results have been reported for accounts through multiple FCMS and are not.

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Often times when comparing trading system performance, the natural inclination, is to compare returns.Our cyclical trend trading system has been tested using historical market data for the past 70 years, and it has produced the.

Successful traders need various performance ratios and descriptive ways.In my previous post on identifying drivers of strategy performance I mentioned the possibility of developing a meta-strategy.

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Join us and you too could enjoy the rewards that trading Forex can bring.

Read "Preference space evaluation of trading system performance" on DeepDyve - Instant access to the journals you need!.Futures trading is complex and carries the risk of substantial losses.These are some of the metrics I look at when evaluating a trading system.Improving Trading System Performance Using a Meta-Strategy Jonathan Kinlay.

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It uses the Turtle logic, except it is single unit, does not use the Last Trade is Winner rule.

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January kicks off the year right with a healthy profit in live trading for our Evolution Gold futures trading system.

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The information you filled out will be treated with the most strict confidence. by Advanced Trading Systems.We began reviewing performance in January of 2013 after trading the AutoTrade program on our own accounts privately for.